Often described as the most significant find of the century, the Dead Sea Scrolls have since their discovery in 1946/-47 ignited both public and scholarly interest. They have caused excitement and controversy, been the subject for countless articles, books, and documentaries. Not to mentions the numerous exhibitions.

The first exhibitions of Dead Sea Scrolls took place in Washington (DC) around two years after their discovery. Since then, over a hundred scrolls exhibitions have taken place all around the world. The World Expo ’58 in Brussels (Belgium), the 1960 exhibition in Buenos Aires (Argentine), and the exhibition in Singapore in 2009 are just a few examples. This database aspires to include them all, and in doing so, proving a robust tool for researchers and journalists.

“A Database of Dead Sea Scrolls exhibitions in the 20th and 21st centuries” gives substantial information about which scrolls have been exhibited where and when. However, it also has information about organisations and persons involved, the number of visitors, images, et cetera, where available. The sources used in assembling the database are available here.

The database is managed by Ludvik A. Kjeldsberg, PhD Research Fellow at the University of Agder in Norway. However, several other scholars deserve acknowledgements for their contributions and support: Årstein Justnes, Jason Kalman, David Bradnick, Roland Werner, and Kipp Davis.

You are free to use the database and the information it contains as you want. Feedback is much appreciated. Feel free to make contact using this form. There are four entrances to the database.